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Cherries Over Manhattan

Cherries Over Manhattan

Low and slow 

I recently picked up a kitchen toy I've been wanting for a long time – an immersion cooker. This device lets allows you to cook using a method called sous vide (soo • veed). This is a method of cooking in which food (or drink) is placed in a plastic pouch or a glass jar and then placed in a water bath for longer than normal cooking times (usually 1 to 7 hours, up to 48 or more in some cases) at an accurately regulated temperature. The temperature is much lower than normally used for cooking. The intent is to cook the item evenly, ensuring that the inside is properly cooked without overcooking the outside, and to retain moisture.

The beauty is, it can be used in craft cocktails as well. World-renowned bars like Death & Co. use this method to infuse their simple syrups, for example. So I set out to create my first experiment (recipe posted below).

Here is the cocktail I derived as a result.

Cherries Over Manhattan

  • 2 oz cherry infused cask strength rye whiskey (I used Sagamore Spirit)
  • 1 oz sweet vermouth
  • 2 dash Jerry Thomas Decanter Bitters


Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice, stir. Fine strain into a chilled coupe glass.

This stirred and direct cocktail transports me right to the holiday season with the subtle spice notes! It might not be ideal for July in Arizona, but it gives me hope that that this awful summer will be over soon. 

Cherry Infused Whiskey

You'll need:

  • Immersion cooker (I use this one)
  • 10-15 fresh cherries
  • 1/2 stick of cinnamon
  • 6 cloves
  • 1.5 cups whiskey of your choice (I recommend a stiff rye to stand up to the cherry sweetness)
  • Ziploc bag

Add cherries to a quart sized ziploc bag. Lay flat on counter and muddle the cherries lightly to distribute the juice with the bottom of a jar or muddler, being careful not to create a tear in the bag. Then add the rest of the ingredients to the bag and seal. Place in immersion cooker at 160 degrees Farenheit for 1-2 hours. Remove after cooking and place in an ice bath (half ice, half cold water) for a 15 minutes to cool. Strain out the solids, filter into a container with an air-tight lid and store in the refrigerator. 

As always give me a tag when you make something, I love to see what you'd come up with!

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