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Top 10 Fall Cocktails

Top 10 Fall Cocktails

Oh hello, Fall. When the cool weather starts to show itself, I like my cocktails stirred and direct. Hints of baking spices and smoke always welcomed. Strong, brown spirits? #Given. Embrace fall with some of my favorite autumn cocktails.

Nueva York

Anejo tequila and Lillet Rouge steal the spotlight in this riff on the Manhattan. I like to offer this to red wine drinkers as the Lillet imparts great red wine notes to compliment the tequila, all of which are complimented by the nut flavors in the bitters. This makes a fantastic barrel-aged cocktail as well!

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Nutty Spiced Peach Mule

This is in my top 5 favorite cocktails list, period. Using peach and pecan infused bourbon (a mason jar will do for the infusion), this is fall in a glass when you’re not in the mood for a stirred and direct sipper. Perfect for that autumn picnic in the park or a lazy Sunday stroll around the neighborhood.

You’ll need: Peaches, Pecans, Bourbon, Spiced liqueur, Lime, Ginger Beer,

The Dude’s White Russian

This was a fun experiment inspired by The Big Lebowski where I subbed the crushed ice for a king cube of cold brew coffee. As you drink it the coffee flavor gets subtly stronger rather than diluting the cocktail.

“Careful man, there’s a beverage here.”

You’ll need: Cold brew coffee, king cube mold, Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Cream, Cinnamon

The Revolver

My very first post on Instagram and this remains one of my favorite (and easiest to make) fall cocktails. Colder weather calls for coffee, so why not incorporate those flavors into your cocktails? #Adulting

A great post-meal tipple using the simple Old Fashioned formula.

You’ll need: Whiskey, Coffee liqueur, Orange bitters

Irish Coffee

Fact: Disregard any fall cocktail list that does not include a good Irish Coffee. This recipe uses brown sugar simple syrup and vanilla whip. The best news is, it’s a lot easier to make than you might think. Sláinte!

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The 501

One of my favorite cocktails ever, this is a delicious cool-weather-combo of baking spice-infused bourbon, aged tequila and PX sherry (the sweetest sherry). It requires some work up front to infuse the bourbon but it’s well worth it! I used the Alkemista infusion vessel. Tag me in your experiments as I’m sure this infusion would go well in many cocktails.

You’ll need: Baking spices to infuse Bourbon, Anejo Tequila, PX Sherry, Angosturra bitters

Smokey Black Manhattan

Starting with the Manhattan base, the Black Manhattan simply swaps the vermouth for amaro. Being an amaro lover, I actually prefer this riff to the classic recipe. Take it to the next level with some cherry wood smoke, always a crowd pleaser.

You’ll need: A smoking gun, Whiskey, Amaro, Bitters

Delayed Flight

Colder weather often comes with large meals and fat-laden comfort food so cocktails which include digestifs are good to have in the bag. Digestifs, which include amari, are proven to aid in digestion. This is a delightfully smooth sipper well suited for holiday get togethers or a post-meal fireside chat. (note some work is required due to the egg white, but it’s always a crowd pleaser)

You’ll need: Bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino, lemon, egg white

The Owl’s Toddy

The Hot Toddy is synonymous with cold weather, and for good reason. This is a riff using the Owl’s Brew (Classic), a craft tea mixer made with fresh brewed English Breakfast tea, lemon peel, and lime juice.

Fun fact: During Prohibition, doctors would issue patients a pint of cask strength whiskey as a remedy. So, if you start feeling under the weather, consider this your go-to.

You’ll need: Owl’s Brew Classic, Whiskey, lemon, honey.

Coffee Bean Infused Negroni

With it’s botanical influences and aroma, gin is a shoe-in during the holidays. And let’s face it, the Negroni is timeless. Take it to a whole new level by infusing your chosen vermouth with coffee beans. Thank me later.

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Bonus: Leverage your infused vermouth for other great cocktails, like this Mudslide Flip.

Holiday Sangria

Ok, this isn’t a “Holiday Cocktail” list but I had to add this because of how easy it is to make. I served this at Thanksgiving last year to rave reviews. This recipe puts a festive twist on the typical summer sangria with apples, cranberries and cinnamon. Did I mention it combines red wine and Apple Jack whiskey? (Yes, it’s amazing) It's simple and easily batched, freeing you up to enjoy time with your guests rather than slinging cocktails. 

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Orkney Chapel

One doesn’t simply create a fall cocktail list without scotch. Created by the talented Death & Co. team, this scotch based cocktail is a fall favorite thanks to the complimentary sherry, orange liqueur and vermouth elements which make it a bright and fresh sipper perfect for a dinner party.

You’ll need: Scotch whisky, Amontiallado Sherry, simple, Grand Marnier, Dry Vermouth

Finally, when all else fails, I contend that nothing can beat a neat pour of your favorite spirit. What have I missed? Let me know what your favorites are. Please drink responsibly and cheers!

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