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Have a product or service you'd like reviewed?

Have a product or service you'd like reviewed?

There's nothing more frustrating than searching for honest, thorough reviews on a product or service you're interested in purchasing only to find "got here faster than expected, 5 stars." Thanks Bob from Vermont, huge help.

One of the primary reasons I started @barrelageddad was to provide real value to a like-minded audience. I've had quite a few products and services sent my way, many of which were new to the market. Call me nerdy but I enjoy learning all about a product, it's features, design and yes, fallbacks, before I make that magical purchasing decision. The only thing I dislike more than buyer's remorse is a muddled orange in my Old Fashioned, and if I can help others from experiencing it I call that a win.

As my audience has grown I've seen that there is an appetite for more of this, and not just from potential buyers. The entrepreneurs and creators behind these products are looking for exposure to a particular audience who will recognize the gap their product or service is designed to fill. I consider myself an entrepreneur and have a real passion for innovation and small business advocacy, so it's a win-win all around. 

Ultimately, we all want better products brought to market to enhance our lives. So, look for honest, thoughtful reviews to be posted here soon featuring products and services that people like you and I are passionate about. (and yes, clear ice enhances lives!)

Product Categories

While I'm open to all possibilities, I prefer to stick to products/services in the food and beverage, lifestyle and technology spaces.

My Commitment to Readers

Simply put, I will never blindly promote any product or company that I haven't used, or worse, don't stand behind.

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